• Do I need to transfer my site to your servers to use iHITcounter?
    No. iHITcounter works by insering a small code in your web pages. There is no need to change your current hosting service or shift servers.

  • Do I need anything special on my server to use iHITcounter?
    No. iHITcounter works by inserting a small piece of code in your html pages. The traffic data is extracted and stored on our servers. So there is nothing special required to by done on your server.

  • I don't have access to logs. Can I use iHITcounter?
    iHITcounter is a hosted web analytics software. We do not require web logs to track traffic. We create our own logs and save them in our database, using which you can track traffic on your site.

  • Which OS do I need to run iHITcounter?
    iHITcounter is OS independent. Your site can be listed on any OS (Windows/Linux/Unix).
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