iHITcounter is a free hit counter and web analytics solution. It is an invisible hit counter and can be setup in 2 short steps.

TO SETUP iHITcounter:
1 - Register with iHITcounter
2 - Insert the short code in the pages you want to track

IS iHITcounter really free?
YES!!! iHITcounter is a free web analytics solution. You don't need to pay upto 10,000 pageviews a month. Our web analytics application is powered by our sponsors.

HOW GOOD IS iHITcounter?
To put it in a nutshell... iHITcounter offers more then just a hit counts. It offers analysis of unique visits, unique visitors and reports on page views, including entry pages, information on referrals, most popular keywords used to access your website and more. Last but not the least... iHITcounter is FREE!!!

What kind of reports can I view using iHITcounter?
iHITcounter offers the following reports:

  • Summary of Unique visitors, visits and pageviews
  • Per day traffic stats for unique visitors, visits and page views
  • Top keywords used to access website per day
  • Top keywords used on all search engines for the selected date range
  • Top keywords used on individual search engines like Yahoo, Google & MSN
  • Breakup of the traffic per search engine
  • Browsers used by visitors and their percentage breakup
  • Screen resolution
  • Operating system
  • Color depth
  • Visitors divided by country of origin and more...

How Does iHITcounter work?
iHITcounter works by inserting a small piece of code in each of your webpage. This code consists of javascript. Whenever the webpage is hit, the code is executed and our database records the hit and other details, which are then shown to you in the form of graphical reports.
Since iHITcounter uses a 1X1 pixel image, its completely invisible to the normal visitor.

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